Mr & Mrs Reed 4.8.17

A day truly hand painted by God himself. I am very blessed to have been apart of such a special moment. Thank you to my Dad for taking all the videos. Without him, I wouldn’t have be able to put together this little piece together. Here is a look back on Melissa and Justin’s day! Congratulations y’all! ❤️ Enjoy!

Mr. And Mrs. Dewhirst! 3.25.17

To be apart of your day means so much to me! The friendship we share is one some go a lifetime trying to find. Alden, you are amazing and I am so blessed to call you my best friend. Congratulations to you and David! God knew exactly what he was doing when we put y’all together! I love you both so much! Here’s to y’all!!! Mr. And Mrs. Dewhirst 3.25.17 !

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On Deck in the Salt

Tips for reeling in a saltwater giant from a charter boat wife herself.
(Photo by: Paige Tashik)

(Photo by: Hunter Forbes)

​First and foremost, The Gulf of Mexico is NOT an ocean. I repeat the Gulf is NOT an ocean. When you grow up 10 minutes from the sugar sand beaches of Destin, Florida you become quite accustom with the craziness that summer time brings. Summertime here means lots of sunscreen, pina-coladas, neon shirts and tourist. All though the beaches are like being on an exotic island the best part of Destin, Florida resides just beyond the rocks of the east and west jetty.

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Thankful for Them!

Well duck season has officially come to an end. I’m very thankful for all the hard work that Duck Boy, Jordy, Al, Cory, and Chris Green put in to make such great hunts come together. Hard work does pay off. Without them my camera damn sure wouldn’t get as much use out of it. Sad she had to come to an end but happy to be able to look back on all of it and smile! Here’s a little something to wrap up our last week of the season. Kansas, you have my heart! Y’all enjoy!



Migration X Outfitters 2016

Here’s a little something, something from my first snow goose hunt ever! We were lucky enough to find a brother from another mother, Chris Green, with Migration X Outfitters. Chris let us tag along for an awesome hunt! I miss you North Dakota!!! Y’all enjoy!! Thanks for watching ❤

“Duck Boy”

There is a man who I call duck boy. He is tall, dark, and handsome. He has a chiseled jawline that makes panties fall off.  He is strong. He is kind. He is smart. He is right with God.

What most people see is that duck boy likes to duck hunt. Duh. But what y’all don’t see is how much he puts into each and every hunt. From hours on end of scouting and scouting looking for the perfect field, pond, river, levee whatever it may be to set up on. The misconception of our pictures is that we have a guide or pay to hunt on some plantation loaded with fowl. Well we don’t. And one thing it takes to free lance hunt is Drive.

Like Miss Belle on the trail of a wounded duck, Chris will not stop. He will NEVER stop. His drive to find birds for that perfect hunt is incredible. He won’t stop until he finds what he’s looking for. When I’m tired and half dead in the passenger seat ready to go home, he’s still driving. Looking, scouting, finding…

Without duck boy my soul would be incomplete. My duck hunts would most definitely fall short. Along with letting me be apart of his hunts, he always makes sure I’m happy.

On December 15th, 2016 Chris called in a group of 150 Canadian geese into our spread. One of the honkers was so close I thought he was going to land on my blind. After we shot and we’re done hoopin and hollerin…he looked at me and said, “You happy baby?” I couldn’t even speak. Then he said, “You said you wanted a goose hunt. How’s that for a goose hunt?” Smiling that sly Chris Kirby smile.

Yes, I am the luckiest girl in the world. There are not enough “thank yous” in the world to tell him how much I appreciate all his hard work and devotion.

God made Duck Boy just for me❤️

#LivingOURDream #TheCaptainsLife #GodisGood

Wrapping up North Dakota 2016

While there is no place like home, North Dakota has a piece of my heart. Here’s a little video to wrap up our time in God’s country. Enjoy!

Chris and I learned so much from this trip and met so many great people. God willing this will be a new tradition for us. We plan on making this trip every year! We had a blast to say the least ❤️