Most call me Shelby or One Shot.

I like to write, take pictures, shoot videos and tell stories about experiences in my life. I put God above everything. I live by the notion that everything you go through in life is either a blessing or a lesson. Along side my husband, Chris, I have built an inshore and an offshore fishing company here in Destin, FL; Destin Inshore Charters & Destin Offshore Charters. We have also opened a waterfowl guiding outfit in Saskatchewan, Canada; Black Sheep Waterfowl. While our summers are spent taking people fishing, our winters are spent taking people waterfowl hunting. I love to make people happy and work very hard to have every person leave our boats and our hunting lodge with a memory to tell their grandkids about. Along with making others smile, I love God, I live for my daughters, dogs, cheese dip, and good song. I have a 30×40 garden that is pure therapy and I very much enjoy planting a seed and watching it grow. Food seems to taste better when you grow it in your backyard, pick it from the vine and cook it in your kitchen. Speaking of cooking, I love that too. Chris will tell you how bad of a cook I was when he first married me, I would like to think I have made progress since those early days. I love to prepare wild game and create unique recipes that even the most sensitive of tastebuds cannot tell they are eating a goose or duck. I am not a photographer. I like to take pictures, edit them and write about what I was feeling in that moment as I captured them. The videos I make are not professionally put together… I just enjoy making them. It is a stress release for me and an additional outlet other then words to show what were doing with our spontaneous, fast pace life. I appreciate all the love and feedback whenever I post a new project. To wrap this up, I am simple. I love God, my family, my businesses, and a good laugh.