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My name is Shelby Lynn Kirby (Karczewski).

First and fore most, I LOVE GOD and I believe everything happens for a reason. I am beyond blessed to be married to best friend. I fish to live and I absolutely live to hunt! As long as I’m outside, I am happy. Outdoor photography has become a new venture for me and I hope to illustrate through my pictures, just how amazing God’s creation is. I have deer tracks and turkey tracks tattooed down my feet and I am obsessed with Miranda Lambert. Here is a little more details of my life and how I became who I am today.

I was born April 4th, 1992 in Niceville, FL. Growing up, I lived in the same house my whole life with my older sister Stacey. Our parents Tammy and Jim are nothing short of amazing! I am very blessed to have such great role models to look up to. I was taught at a very young age that working hard, getting your hands dirty, being kind to to others, appreciating the small things and following in God’s grace will allow you to do anything and everything you want to do in life. I began hunting with my Dad when I was 9 years old. I killed my first deer when I was 11. Ever since that day I could not get enough of it. I have killed many deer since then and never once have I lost that fever. My Dad only got two girls so he raised us as if we were his sons and I am damn sure glad he did. From backing up a trailer to hitting a baseball or even shooting a gun, he raised us with the idea of giving us the best of both worlds; girl and boy. You could often find me and Stacey playing with our spice girl barbie dolls, all while building a fort down the street in the woods. When I graduated from high school I worked full time at a local restaurant while also going to school full time. By the time I was 19, I was just about done with my AA degree and I was on track to apply for the Radiography program at Northwest Florida State. While searching for where my life/career train was going, fate stepped in and interrupted my whole plan. Along came Christopher Richard Kirby.

Although Chris and I had grown up in the same town and knew of each other, we really didn’t know each other. In September 2011 is when knowing each other was taken to a whole new level. After many lunch dates and small talk, we became very fond of each other’s company. Late September we went on our first adventure together, flounder gigging in the bay and ever since we have been inseparable.

We have been married since October 12th, 2013. Being married to your best friend is one of the greatest feelings in the world. Chris and I own and operate a charter fishing company in Destin, FL called Destin Inshore Charters. Our fleet includes two 22ft cape horn bay boats (the Adios and the Amigo) and a 40ft boat called the Backlash. We do all types of fishing such as inshore, offshore and bow fishing. While our summers are spent taking others fishing, our winters are wrapped around chasing flocks of waterfowl up and down the country. When November 1st hits, every year we load up and head North to follow to flocks and hunt, hunt, hunt, and hunt some more. We are truly living our dream. God is sooo good y’all!

I started my site with an idea of sharing my passion for the outdoors and things I love. Among hunting, fishing, gardening and cooking I love to make people happy. Photography has become a new adventure for me. I hope you enjoy the videos and pictures I have shared here. Feel free to contact me anytime with feedback and questions.

Thank y’all for reading, come back soon!

Shelby Lynn