Most call me Shelby or One Shot.

I like to write, take pictures, shoot videos and tell stories about experiences in my life. I put God above everything. I live by the notion that everything you go through in life is either a blessing or a lesson. Along side my husband, Chris, I have built an inshore and an offshore fishing company here in Destin, FL. While our summers are spent taking people fishing for a living, our winters are spent chasing waterfowl from Canada all the way down to Florida. I love to make people happy and work very hard to have every person leave our boats with a memory to tell their grandkids about. Along with making others smile, I live for cheese dip, Miranda Lambert songs, my dogs, Kansas, and hunting season.

I am not a photographer. I like to take pictures, edit them and write about what I was feeling in that moment as I captured them. The videos I make are not professionally put together and I didn’t go to school to be a video/media tech. I just enjoy making them. It is a stress release for me and an additional outlet other then words to show what were doing with our spontaneous, fast pace life. I appreciate all the love and feedback whenever I post a new project.

To wrap this up, I am simple. I love God, my family, my business, a good laugh and homemade cooked food~