First hunt in North Dakota, ever.

First and foremost, duck hunting is not for the faint of heart. Especially not free lance duck hunting. It didn’t take long for Chris and I to realize the effort that needed to be put in to get on some birds up here. With the weather being 20 degrees warmer then normal for this time of the year, birds have been rather hard to find. I can’t tell you the exact number of hours we have drove around scouting out ponds and fields but it’s been ALOT. Some areas had 5 here or 15 here but we wanted a little more security. Finally, we rolled up on a pond that had about 80 mallards on it and there was some Canadians farther toward the back. We drove about a mile up the road to a house and pulled in to ask for permission to hunt it. Knocked on the door, no answer. About a minute later we were greeted by the cutest old man on an old International 😊 Mr. Orvin was such a pleasure and about 30 mins after to getting to know him and hearing his story and how he lives off the land, he gave us the word to hunt the pond. Very cool and look forward to keeping in touch with him. We were off back to our little hunting cottage to get stuff ready for the am.

With sunrise not until 8:00am we got to sleep in a little bit. We arrived on the side of the pond about 6:30am. In order to get to the point where we wanted to set up, we had to go through thick ass cat tails, cross over barb wire, and wade through mud about 50 yards…and you add all your gear to that…Not. For. The. Faint. Of. Heart.

At about 7:50am we finally had everything set up. Truck was moved. Decoys set. Blinds brushed up. Dogs geared up. Guns loaded. Sweat dripping. Layers of clothes shedded.

We were ready to hunt.

Boom! The first shot rang out about 30 mins later on a group of 5 mallards that came in. 2 green heads were dead. Maddie and Belle took off to retrieve the prizes. Not soon after Chris shot a single redhead and a green wing teal that came in. The morning was a little slower then we expected but then came a chance to make or break it. A low flying group of Canadians we’re headed right for us. We had watched about 200 fly over us all morning but they were way to high for us to make a good shot. Well then came the bachelor group…BOOM. 2 big boys fell from the sky. We ended the hunt with 3 mallards, a redhead, a green wing, and 2 Canadians. Not to shabby! Before we picked up the gear, all 4 of us took about an hour nap in our blinds. No traffic, no noise, no worries. Just purely us and Gods creation. 💓 A morning to remember!

North Dakota, you have my heart and I don’t want to leave. Thank you Lord for our harvest! and thank you Lord for Chris Kirby!

Looking forward to the mornings to come!

#GodisGood Thank you for reading!

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