A little taste of North Dakota 

Chris has always talked about North Dakota and the Prairie Pot Hole region but this is the first time we decided to bite the bullet and make the long drive up to see what it’s all about. Between pulling a trailer, stopping for gas, or getting food…the 25 hour drive ended up being 30 hours. Yes, you read that correctly 30 hours. We drove straight through the whole way, taking turns napping. After 6 states, 1,740 miles, 1 sunrise, 2 sunsets, and lots of 5 hour energies…we arrived in Robinson, North Dakota; population 22. 🙃

When they say there isn’t much to do up here…they mean it. The closest gas station is 11 miles in the next town over and you have 1 bar and 1 little diner…But my word is it beautiful up here. To see some of the history that still stands today in the old homesteads is unbelievable. You get a very humble sense of what they had to go through just for a glass of water back then. It definitely makes me realize how much I take things for granted daily. Up here time moves slow and I love it!

Here is a little taste of real life pieces of history that hold the key to the American Frontier and the way things were back then…

Though I could go without the 30 hour drive…I am damn sure glad we made the trip up here. North Dakota may seem too simple and old to others but to Chris and I it is God’s Country.
Y’all stay tuned for my next write up of our first hunt in ND!! Thanks for reading ❤️

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