Our recipe for Love


Today marks our 3rd wedding anniversary! I cannot believe all the goals we have reached in such a short time. Chris has shown me what true love is. The most important ingredients to love are simple…

4 cups of Faith

2 cups of Fun

1 cup of Communication

1 cup of Saying Sorry

1 cup of Great Sex

Mix it all up and you have our love.


When you get married, you make an oath under God. You make a promise to love and cherish one person for the rest of your days. Don’t ever take such an oath for granted. You should be sure and know in your heart without a doubt, this is the one. One thing Chris and I have always shared is a love for God. We both share an unbreakable faith in him that he will always give us the strength to love through any situation and guide us to the right path. I believe this is the up most important ingredient in a marriage. Faith will take you to find love when you least expect it. Be sure to thank God every single day for all he has given you. Faith awakens your soul and gives your heart guidance.



HAVE FUN. I have never had more fun then I have along side Chris. There are times where I have literally laughed so hard, I peed my pants. From spur of the moment hunting trips, to riding on the river, to having lazy days around the house, we have fun and a lot of it. Working with your husband isn’t always the easiest but we always come back to laughing about the little things and remembering to keep it fun. Make your own fun! Do things you both love and keep in mind you don’t have to spend a lot of money or go far to do so! A simple game of tickle fight before you go to sleep can enlighten the love vein for days. Having fun keeps love alive.



Talk it out! We have all heard “never go to bed mad or angry” well it’s true! Yes, Chris and I fight sometimes. We are far from perfect. But we have learned that when conversations turn into a major disagreement and become nothing but a yelling match, then we need to calm down and regroup. We have both said things to hurt each others feelings and understand that is not the way to get a point across. Calm down, walk away, eat a snickers, pet a dog, whatever you need to do to take a moment and take a breath and settle down, do it! Communication when something hurts your feelings is just as important as communicating when something makes you feel happy. Compliment each other and tell each other as often as you can how much you mean to each other so there is no doubt where you both stand at all times.Share your dreams and goals to see where you both want to be in the future. Be sure to say I Love You everyday! (multiple times!) After all, doesn’t it feel good to know some one loves you. Communication allows both of y’all to stand on solid ground united.


Saying Sorry

This was the hardest one for me. Those who know me, know I can have a strong will and when I think I know something, changing my mind is damn near impossible. The older I get the more I realize how important it is to open my ears more, close my mouth, and when I am wrong to say I am sorry. When you get in a fight and say hurtful things and yell, sometimes all it takes is one “I’m sorry” to change the whole tone of the conversation. and when you say it, mean it! It makes both of you feel better and y’all will realize how important you are to one another and that your intentions are not to be hurtful. Simply saying sorry can move mountains.

Great Sex

Last and certainly not least, have great sex! Chris and I have been together a total of 5 years, and we still have sex like were dating. Don’t let your bedroom fill with cobwebs and boring routines. Try new things! (and no this doesn’t mean going to the internet and attempting something weird and gross) Just switch it up to keep things fresh. Move the game to the floor, the counter top, or the shower. Do a quicky or make it long and passionate. Dress up. Dress down. Play pretend! Just know, it is just as important to feel love mentally as it is to feel love physically. Great sex is a great way to release tensions and relieve stress.

**and on a side note..when y’all reach the final destination, hold hands as you fall into dream world 🙂


Maybe this simple recipe will help others find there soulmate and if you already have the one, maybe it will help keep a healthy, loving relationship forever. These five ingredients will be the glue that holds together the pages of the book that I am writing. I hope to be finished and published by this time next year. It is the story of how Chris and I met and began this crazy love story; my favorite story.

Thank you for reading! Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments.




“The best love is the kind that awakens the soul and makes us reach out for more, that plants a fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds, and that’s what you have given me. That’s what I hope to give you forever.”

4 thoughts on “Our recipe for Love

  1. Wow… That is the best recipe for love I have ever read. I have went through and read all your story’s. You and Chris are great people and have a great life. Happy Anniversary wishing yall many many more. Thanks again for the lifetime memories I made on the fishing trip.


  2. How can someone so young be so wise….it’s like you’re channelling Babcia, or my mom, or Aunt Joan? I realize you’ve had a great example set by your mom and dad….but to learn the lessen so well….! I pray that you have a long, happy and fruitful life and that God blesses you with many, many more years together. I love you both…and I’m so proud to have you as my family. Everyone who knows me knows how much I cherish my family. Happy 3rd Anniversary to you both.


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