11/21/15 Opening Day in Florida!

This morning was a special treat! Lake X never ceases to amaze me. We set up at the mouth at 4:15am, geezy pete!…Chris thought we better get there early to beat the other hunters…haha!

Carson watched and asked questions as we put out decoys. We set up the spread and got into position. We still had about 45 mins until shooting time so we relaxed and star gazed. Carson ended up falling asleep (go figure) 🙂 We got to listen to a wood duck chatter his head off off in the decoys for a good 25 mins very cool! As the sun started to make her appearance the woodies started to take flight. We watched over 100 woodducks fly over us an sing. Right at shooting time came Chris noticed a single hen ringneck in the decoys cruising around. We decided to tag team her 🙂 1-2-BOOM! Belle took off to claim her prize. Carson slept through the shots. He woke up just as Belle was making her way back in the boat, duck in mouth. We waited 10-15 minutes with no action. Then all of a sudden Chris saw three ringnecks coming right down the shoot like they were on a string. I shot my first ringneck! I ended up shooting the hen and Chris shot the two drakes (lucky ass). Thank God we had Belle, the lily pads are so thick in Lake Juniper I doubt we would have picked up any ducks without her. The wrapped up our hunt and we started to pick up and head back. Carson digged it! #GodisGreat


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