1/14/15 Boating Driving 101

Hey! All kids need to learn to drive eventually right? Why not start them when they’re 5 years old. Haha!

This hunt included Nick, Chris, Carson, and I. We took off to the bay. Late season birds are too smart for their own good. Had a group of 200 fly over us and not one gave us a second look. They definitely had their mind made up. After an hour of nothing finally a group of bluebills came cruising in. we killed 3 out of the group. The end result of the hunt was 4 bluebills (all drakes) and 5 buffleheads. Carson ended up sleeping the entire time in the boat and didn’t wake up until we were picking up decoys. On the way back Chris let Carson drive the boat. He even let him drive it up on the trailer. Very cool! Bitter sweet seeing little man grow up and learn new things. God you are too good to us!

10906034_10153580979424816_1175836431995550885_n10382825_10153580979554816_964338737507604068_n10420751_10153500100779816_7809473225218799786_nimg_4336img_4339** I am finally starting to get to know my camera a little better!

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