12/30/14 Three Generations

Some children skip school for birthdays or special occasions well our boy gets a day away from the books so he can enjoy why God put us here in the first place…to Hunt 🙂

This was by far one of the top five bay hunts I have been on to date. Mr. Rick, Chris, and Carson all took part in this hunt. Oh and of course Miss Belle! We set up on the North side of the bay and a touch to the East of where we hunted two days prior. It was still dark, we just put Carson in his layout boat when Chris shined the spread for the last time and there was already a hen redhead. Oh yeah, I knew it was about the go down. Chris put the big boat way off behind us and waded back. As the sun came up it was wave after wave of ducks!!! We definitely hit the mark this morning. We ended up with 10 bluebills and 12 buffleheads! There was many groups that came in and landed and we didn’t even shoot at them. I love mornings like these! #GodisGood

*This was Carson’s 3rd bay hunt ever! He digged it! (5 years old)

IMG_1088-3 Generations of handsome Kirby men-

IMG_1130You Just can’t put a price tag on mornings like these!IMG_1166


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