12/28/14 Miss Belle

There are duck dogs, lap dogs, and family dogs…but there is only one Belle.

Just Chris and I this morning along side Miss Belle. We set up in the sound on the “lucky point”. This particular point very rarely lets us down where we don’t come out with a limit. This particular morning was very overcast and it made it hard for me to get a good shot of the ducks coming in but I did end up getting some good shots of Belle. Belle is 4 today, turning 5 this January. It truly is bitter sweet seeing her face turn gray. We set one big spread this time with thicker decoys on the outside edges hoping they will come right in the middle to us. We stood about 20 yards back and waited. Boom! Boom! Boom! Well Chris’ first time pulling the trigger that morning and down goes three bluebills. Three came in and zero left. I was very pumped as was Belle!!! Belle launched off her stand to pick up the deceased.We ended up with 1 bufflehead, 4 bluebills, and 2 surf scoters.


Miss Belle 2014

IMG_1019IMG_1013**Belle had to dive down 3 times before finally picking up this live bluebill.


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